Humane Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are known to be diurnal creatures and will remain active all throughout the year. They will normally establish their nest on the trees when in the wild. However, these options are not available to them in the urban settings. The best alternative to the trees would be our residential property. Once they made it inside our house, they will immediately build their nest by gathering nesting materials such as our insulation and all sorts of debris found around our property. You will have to get rid of them immediately to avert the possible damages that they can cause.

Humane Method to Get Rid of the Fort Lauderdale Squirrels
Squirrels may sometimes be a nuisance creature but you don’t want to hurt this adorable creature. They are fragile and there are humane methods that you can easily use to get rid of them. In addition, you may also execute mild harassment to encourage them to leave your property. Here are some of the renowned methods.

Using Squirrel Repellents
There are various types of commercially-available repellents sold in the market today. According to the manufacturer of these products, a single spray will put a stop on the destructive habit of the squirrel. They will also cease their incessant chewing on woods, wires, insulation materials, screens, and other type of materials. One known repellent would be the hot pepper spray. This is consists of Jalapeno pepper that contains a high dose of capsaicin that Fort Lauderdale squirrels dread. There are also ultrasonic and mechanical repellents sold in the market. However, there are no existing studies that can attest to the efficacy of these repellents.

Finding Their Point of Entry
In order to remove them humanely from our property, one should successfully determine their mode of entry first. You should check the exterior part of your house and notice if there are any visible entrances. Squirrels can fit inside a hole that is around ½ -inch in diameter. Cover all the holes since they are all possible entry points. If the squirrels are nesting in your attic, check your attic for any signs of light that is shining through. Some of the most usual entrances are located in the vents, soffits, and roofs.

Checking For Their Offspring
Before you start your mild harassment, you need to check if there are any Florida squirrel babies in your attic. If there are, you may want to wait until such time that the babies will no longer be dependent with the mother squirrel. The squirrels nesting period are generally during the spring and fall season. In case you notice a squirrel during the winter, they are probably just seeking a space for warmth and comfort. If you cannot wait and you want to remove the squirrels immediately, you should call the service of the professionals to help you with your woes.

When using repellents, we do not recommend you to spray them on the foods that you are planning to eat. Wear a mask to prevent from inhaling the mist released by the spray repellent. You should also inform your neighbors if you are using this kind of repellent.

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