Mole Exterminator

There are various methods that a mole exterminator can use when controlling the population of the mole. They can use insecticides to kill the insects that are attracting this nuisance creature. They can also use repellents, gassing, trapping and baiting method. The efficacy of the extermination process will depend upon your particular situation. In this article, we will discuss the common methods that wildlife control services are using to drive this creature away from our property.

Common Methods Used by the Fort Lauderdale Mole Exterminator
By familiarizing yourself on the common services provided by the mole exterminator, you’ll be able to know the things that you should expect from them. You can also determine if they are qualified enough to deliver a full-range of extermination services.

Mole Detection
The first essential step is to determine the severity of mole infestation. They will have to detect the presence and activity of the mole and identify the movement pattern of this creature. The primary tunnels and runways of the mole can easily be identified by the mounds of dirt that they created while they are constructing their burrows. In order to distinguish the burrows that the creature frequently uses, they will clear the mounds and examine the entrance of the burrows.

Choosing the Control Method
After probing the entrance of the mound and determining that there is an active mole presence, it is now time to determine the preferred Fort Lauderdale mole-control method. Here are some of them:

Using Bait- There are several baits that are sold in the market today. There are baits that resemble the natural food of the moles which is earthworm. Single bait contains a lethal amount of bromethalin. This will work fast and may kill the mole in as little as 24 hours.

Traps- There are arrays of mole traps to choose from. The efficacy of using trapping device relies with your perseverance and persistence. Mole trapping will normally be easy during fall and spring season which is the peak season of the Florida mole activities. Trapping moles during the spring can also significantly reduce their population since this is their mating season.

Gassing- The mole exterminator will be using poisonous gasses to drive away the moles away from your property. Effectiveness of this method is relatively low. In addition, the poisonous gas can also expose you and your household members to the same level of risks.

Using Insecticides- This method has been proven effective on different situations. Unfortunately, killing the insects also comes with certain drawbacks. Moles are persistent diggers and they will continuously dig on our yard that will destroy our garden. This persistent digging will continue for the next 4 weeks.

The right mole exterminator can help you identify the best solution for your problem. With their assistance, you will not only save your property form the possible damages of the creature, you can also avoid future infestation. They can help you introduce deterrents all over your house that will prevent other unwanted guests from invading your property.

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