How Small of a Hole Can a Raccoon Get Through?

The best possible way to prevent the raccoon from entering your house is to make sure that it is completely secured form all unwanted intrusion. You will have to perform a thorough inspection on the exterior part of your house including the roof. You will need to look at the holes that are around the size of the grapefruit. Raccoons are persistent creatures. They can chew on the small holes and enlarge it so that they can squeeze their body through and get an access to our house.

How Fort Lauderdale Raccoons Can Get Through the House
All homes have different and unique designs. This is why it is recommended to hire the service of the professionals when performing a house inspection. Even if you are quite familiar with the design of your house, it is so easy for us to ignore a specific area of our house if we do not have an experience in determining all the potential entry holes.

RSI (Roof Soffit Intersection)
The RSI is the section of the roof where the soffit is situated on top of the roof. It is a section that is commonly placed where the lower and upper roof are meeting. This will be a possible entry points for the raccoons. Soffits are normally made from aluminum and plastics that are weak materials. They can easily damage the weak soffits to enter our attic.

Roof Vents
Hole on the roof vents would be enough for the raccoon to enter our house. The vents are normally found in the roof and it is intended to ensure the proper circulation of air in our attic. The raccoons may destroy it especially if they are looking for comfort and warmth during winter. Since this is normally made from weak materials, this will not be a match to the strong jaw and sharp claws of the raccoons.

Our chimney would be a perfect location for the Fort Lauderdale raccoon to raise their young. The chimney resembles the hollow of the trees which is the natural habitat of the raccoons when they are in the wild. After they managed to get through our chimneys, they will rest at the damper of our fireplace where they can nurse the baby raccoons. To avoid this problem, you can purchase chimney caps at the local hardware stores.

Plumbing Mats
This is the cylindrical vent that is normally found in our roof that connects through the plumbing system. This drains the gasses that have accumulated in our sewer. The open part of the plumbing mats will be covered by matting that is made from rubber. With the sharp claws of the Florida raccoon they can easily pull and then tear this material to gain and squeeze their body through the small hole.

These are just some possible entry points of the raccoons. Be sure to check these parts for possible damages. Use tough construction materials when repairing them. You may use wire mesh or caulking to cover these holes.

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